There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it's up to you to draw it.

B. Quilliam

And thus we end Chapter 9! Woo! Please, send some feedback via Email or the forums to tell me what you thought! This chapter was definitely one where I tried a lot of new things, much of it experimental, with a story and tone that was quite out of my comfort range, and we are introduced in at least some part to two of the major threats that the Device mentioned, including the Paczats, a race I’ve been wanting to bring out for a long time, as well as putting our characters up against a challenge, physical and on principle, that they truly weren’t ready for. Phew!

And a big bonus to end Chapter 9 with. Vote for us on TWC to see nobodyhatesyou’s request from the Christmas Giveaway, a squirtgun fight in the Second Chance’s Rest Room. Kinda goes against the current mood, but, dangit, lets give a little fun to the end of such a chapter.

Once again, with a chapter over, the big question looms: What’s coming next? Much of it will depend on your feedback. I know what Reality chapter and stories to do next, and I’m even excitedly toying around with the idea of doing shorter, daily strips to tell it. There’s still so much to cover, and so much of the Expanse to explore. But the bigger question than what do I want to do is what I need to do. Reality isn’t as successful as I’d like, and I need to figure out if that’s a problem to be solved – and thus seek out that solution – or a truth that I need to accept – and thus move on to something else.

Either way, I aim to take a break from Reality as I work on my animation and improving my artwork and writing so for whatever comes next, I’ll continue to put out my best. Thank you again for reading City of Reality! See you again later!

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